energise you!

We love this new book Energise You! Energy expert Oliver Gray has condensed years of research and experience into this easy to read guide offering practical advice to get more energy in your day. Perfect to follow after a detox if you feel a bit lost as to how to maintain healthy habits in your life. In summary the book covers

  • Mind management – how to stay positive, happy and energised
  • Nutrition – how to lose weight easily and achieve great energy
  • Sleep – the secret to great sleep so you awake feeling energised
  • Exercise – how to get fit and energised with or without a gym
  • Computer use – healthy computer practices that keep you energised
  • Re-energise – how to re-energise mind and body
  • Work-life balance – how to achieve balance in all the areas of your life
  • Quick fix chapter – 50 extra actions that will boost your energy NOW

Available online via this link Energise You. To find out more about Oliver see his website www.energiseyou.com