Don’t be left out in the cold

With the Christmas season upon us now is the perfect time to feel your best. Detoxing isn’t just about eating or drinking cold food. So if thought of no warm food in the chilly months is leaving you feeling cold about detox, we are here to change your mind. Many of the companies we work with have detox programmes that incorporate some warm food to get you through winter feeling clean, lean and well, warm!

Soups are a simple solution. Unlike many supermarket soups that contain preservatives and artificial nasties detox delivery companies can provide you with soups and broths that are going to super nourish you and fast track your detox. When on the menu nut milks can be gently warmed and some plans even include uber healthy dinner options that can be gently heated so as to still maintain maximum goodness.

For free unbiased advice on the right plan for you click here. Happy detoxing!