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Confused about detox?

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. So many clients and friends were asking me about which detox delivery plan would suit them best I was inspired to set up this website offering free advice. Living in London we are so lucky to have so many amazing choices for food at our fingertips and this is certainly true for detox deliveries too. There is now a very impressive array of detox options all of which can be delivered to your work or home – you don’t have to do anything – just enjoy it!

As wonderful as this is sometimes too many choices can be overwhelming. It’s tough trying to research all the different options and then work our which one is right for you. You almost have to be a nutritionist! Which is why I’m here for you! I’m a dedicated nutritionist who is passionate about detox. I’ve worked in detox retreats around the world as well as reviewing detox retreats in South East Asia, so you can trust my advice to point you in the right direction.

Oh, just quickly a word for the boys. Think detox is for girls  – think again! I know you guys want a flatter stomach, clearer skin, brighter eyes, increased mental clarity just as much as the rest of us! A lot of men get worried about losing weight but remember there are lots of options out there, including healthy eating plans with more protein designed for highly active individuals.

Having worked in the corporate world I was on a one woman mission to change the health habits of my colleagues. With shows like BBC Horizons Eat, Fast Live helping to bring the message of healthy living to the wider public why not rally some Team GB spirit and up the health stakes in your office with a group cleanse.

If you’re keen to know more about detox or not sure which solution is right for you, relax! You’ve come to the right place! So don’t be shy get in contact with me and I can show you the way… Click here to start!


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