Exciting free e-books coming soon!

I’m working on two exciting FREE e-books for you. Don’t worry I’ve just mentioned the essentials – short and sharp! Here’s a sneak preview of what will be included:

Before guide: 5 essential tips you must know to get the most out of your detox

  1. is your body supernourished
  2. are you hydrated – important for flush of toxins – real hydration – ala gabriel cousens check out my fun article on love in water and my love bottle
  3. are the channels of elimination open (regular bowels, skin brushing, deep breathing)
  4. colonics
  5. detoxing your environment


After guide: easy ways to help you keep up the good work

  1. continue to do the tips from the first e-book
  2. go organic – clean 15 dirty dozen
  3. personal products clean guide
  4. consider a detox delivery maintenance plan – e.g. 1 juice/raw food day a week or a 3 day mid-week healthy eating plan
  5. places to eat when out in London


free expert advice on detox delivery