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A New Holistic Detox That’s Perfectly Tailored To YOU!

The Detox Program You’ve Been Waiting For!

When I studied nutrition and detox I wish I knew about Deanna Minich and her programs. She’s been a leader in holistic detox for years through her company Food & Spirit.

In fact, I wanted to put together a detox program that incorporated body, mind and spirit and then I saw Deanna’s and realised that she’d already done the work.

She’s just launched I new program Whole Detox that I wanted to share with you.

When you think of a detox program, one of the first things you think of is probably an elimination diet, or foods you will have to avoid. Or maybe you think of drinking lemon juice and fasting. You might also connect the detox dots to taking supplements to help your liver or your gut work better to get rid of toxins. Of course, all of these examples are ways that detox has been done!

However, Whole Detox™ is a full-spectrum approach to removing all toxic barriers to your health – not just the food ones. We start with what you eat by giving you a list of foods to select from that are non-allergenic, non-sensitizing kinds of foods for most people. You can select the omnivore or the vegetarian track of menus and recipes. Within the recipes, we intentionally incorporate lots of colorful, whole foods rich in phytonutrients. We do not use any supplements as part of the program, as we believe your practitioner would be best to work with you on those items specifically.

So, unlike most detox programs, we don’t just emphasize what you need to remove and avoid, but make sure you bring in the foods that help you thrive and be nourished!

In addition to food, we look at the other toxic barriers – stuck emotions, unsupportive relationships, negative thoughts, lack of movement and flow, inability to speak one’s truth, poor sleep and brain fog, and feeling disconnected and depressed.

To address these toxic barriers, we bring in other modalities separate from food, like an emotion log to help you track emotions, activities to re-pattern your thoughts, gentle movement, inspiring affirmations, guided visualizations, and suggestions for meditation.

It’s a full-service menu of options to address your personal toxins, whatever they may be!

To address these toxic barriers, we bring in other modalities separate from food, like an emotion log to help you track emotions, activities to re-pattern your thoughts, gentle movement, inspiring affirmations, guided visualizations, and suggestions for meditation.

It’s a full-service menu of options to address your personal toxins, whatever they may be!

Some people have done many food detoxes, but they haven’t connected their food with the larger picture of their lifestyle: their emotions, thoughts, relationships, and how they move, speak, and connect in the world.

Whole Detox™ looks through the larger lens of YOU to make the detox experience personalized so you are optimal and healthy in every way!

Next Program Starts in March! Note that this program WILL REQUIRE PURCHASE OF THE WHOLE DETOX BOOK!


March 17-20: Preparation
March 21-April 10: 21-Day Detox Program
April 11-18: Maintenance


If you haven’t experienced Whole Detox, it’s truly a different detox – one that nourishes rather than depletes you, and focuses on colorful food and living a colorful life!


  • 10 Live Webinars
  • Daily Meal Plans and Shopping Lists*
  • Recipes for Omnivores and Vegans*
  • Whole Detox Workbook*
  • Daily Movements*
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Program Emails
  • and more!

*Please note that all program materials can be found in Dr. Minich’s book, Whole Detox, which is required for the program. Purchase your copy here

HOW IS IT DIFFERENT THAN OTHER DETOXES?  Whole Detox is more than just eliminating foods and giving you a meal plan.Of course, we do that, too, with separate tracks for Paleo and vegetarian eating. We also give you other detox daily modalities and tools to try out. For example, we have ways for you to work with emotional and mental toxicities, too!  

 WHAT IF YOU ARE TOO BUSY? This detox was made for busy people – professionals, moms, and those who simply ‘have a lot going on’! You can still participate even in the midst of a flurry of life events (like weddings, vacations, etc.). All webinars are recorded so you can listen to them later.

Sounds great doesn’t it!

You can sign up HERE*

I’m a proud affiliate of this program and whole heartedly love the approach the Deanna uses!!

skin detox

So much of our health is written in our skin and clearer skin is often a big motivation for cleaning up ones diet. We spoke to skin expert and facialist Abigail James about maximising the benefits of your detox with the right treatments.

Abigail’s treatments are available in London and Internationally
What is the best skin treatment to have during a detox?
The right facial during a detox is actually essential and probably not considered. My number one recommendation would be lymphatic drainage. Lymphatic drainage both manual and vacuum suction is going to aid in reducing facial puffiness, bring fresh nutrients to the skin and brighten the skin but fundamentally it is going to have a whole body health effect. Lymphatic therapy is a bit like a traffic jam if you move lymph in one are it results in the free flow of lymph in all other areas so this is really going to aid in your full body detoxification process.

What is the best time to schedule a skin treatment when on a detox programme (before and after?)

Ideally one at the beginning, lymphatic based, one in the middle a little more decongesting and one at the end, hydrating and brightening to build on the fresh state the body is now in. If only one is possible I would go for day 3 this is usually “crash” day on a detox and a good skin perk up is going to do the world of good physically and emotionally.

Possible ways to prevent skin breakouts during a detox?

The idea is actually not prevent, this is part of the detoxification we need the body to eliminate, this is where the facial on “crash” day will help and also the middle facial which was more decongesting. Other than this go makeup free this is going to help prevent blocked pores and use a toner such as Dr Alkaitis replenishing serum, or Avene thermal water spray.

Going on holiday and want to cleanse?

Going to your favourite holiday destination and want to detox whilst you are there? No problem. Many of the companies we recommend deliver throughout Europe so you can have a juice cleanse delivered direct to your holiday destination! Holidays are a great time to detox as the body is in rest and relax mode so more energy can be directed to the cleanse process. Remember if you have any questions at all we are always happy to help. Happy holidays and happy detoxing!

some like it hot!

If the weather outside is leaving you feel cold why not perk yourself up with a detox tea? They are perfect way to keep you warm during winter. Drinking herbal tea is a great to habit to get into – especially when everyone else is on their 4 or 5th coffee. Find your perfect detox plan with us then warm up your day with our suggestions below.

Check out the detox tea range from teapigs. They stock a variety of teas that not only taste good but do good things for your body too! With so many teas to try here’s an example of how best to incorporate detox teas into your daily routine.

Lemon and Ginger: perfect first thing in the morning

Peppermint: perfect after lunch digestive tea

Liquorice and mint: a lovely mid afternoon tea to curb sugar cravings

Chamomile: relaxing to send you off on good night’s sleep

If you can’t decide there is an option of buying the cheeky detox pack which provides a selection of 5 detox teas for you to try. For 15% off your order use the code BLOGGERS12 at the checkout.

energise you!

We love this new book Energise You! Energy expert Oliver Gray has condensed years of research and experience into this easy to read guide offering practical advice to get more energy in your day. Perfect to follow after a detox if you feel a bit lost as to how to maintain healthy habits in your life. In summary the book covers

  • Mind management – how to stay positive, happy and energised
  • Nutrition – how to lose weight easily and achieve great energy
  • Sleep – the secret to great sleep so you awake feeling energised
  • Exercise – how to get fit and energised with or without a gym
  • Computer use – healthy computer practices that keep you energised
  • Re-energise – how to re-energise mind and body
  • Work-life balance – how to achieve balance in all the areas of your life
  • Quick fix chapter – 50 extra actions that will boost your energy NOW

Available online via this link Energise You. To find out more about Oliver see his website

rescue me!

We’re sharing one of our BEST secrets with you here when it comes to getting through a detox. How many times has a bout of stress ruined your attempts at healthy eating. The stress response sets of biochemical reactions in the body that ultimately cause cravings for sugar or salt. Keeping calm is key to getting through a detox. But sometimes that is easier said than done. Enter my saviour – Rescue Remedy by Bach. This nifty little bottle is perfect to carry in your handbag at all times. If you feel stress rising, or a like you are about to die if you don’t have a haribo/coffee/chocolate/crisps right now – reach for this!

You can buy in many health food stores, or even better get it the stress free way by buying online from Nutri Centre who offer free UK delivery. 

energise yourself with matcha

Need more energy in your day, but giving up coffee. Then matcha green tea is your new best friend. Originally from Japan matcha is a super concentrated, supercharged form of green tea with an impressive list of benefits including giving your energy levels a serious boost.

High in antioxidants, energising whilst being calming and an aid for weight loss, matcha packs a real punch! It does contain very low levels of caffeine naturally but this is balanced out by the rest of the nutrition profile to give you a more sustained energy boost.  If you are a coffee drinker, take matcha in the preparation stage before your detox as a caffeine substitute.

Matcha is perfect to help boost your energy levels in the run up to Christmas and then embark on a detox in the new year.

teapigs sell high quality matcha and are a great resource for how you can use matcha in your day (not just as a hot drink!).


chew your juice, and drink your food

Yes! You read it right! Detoxing is about giving your digestive system a break.  No matter which type of detox plan you end up doing the way you eat/drink is just as important. It’s the perfect time to re-set your eating habits – learning to take time over food.

So chewing your juice means you savour each sip and swish it around your mouth before swallowing. Drinking your food might not sound so obvious at first, but it means chewing until the food becomes liquid and you naturally start to swallow it. It might sound strange at first, but it’s much nicer than undigested food in your intestines!

One good reason to take on this motto is that you will feel MUCH more satisfied compared to just downing you juice in one hit. Also digestion begins in the mouth with enzymes found in saliva – so this maximises the digestive process and absorption of the amazing healthy food your are giving your body.

So during your detox learn to savour your food. You’ll be surprised by how satisfied you feel when you take your time. Drop me an email to find out more about which detox is right for you.

unlock your infinite potential!

So you’ve decided it’s time to detox – how exciting. I bet you’re looking forward to all the benefits that come from detox such as feeling lighter, having clearer skin and shiny eyes. As well as looking better on the outside a detox can also clear away ‘mental toxins’  that have built up over time. If you’ve been ‘stuck in a rut’ this mental clarity can allow you to see how you can get the most of your life. The right detox plan helps unlock your true potential and increases your vitality in every sense of the word.  Get in touch so I can help find the perfect detox solution for you.