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Confused about detox?

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. So many clients were asking me about which detox delivery plan would suit them best I was inspired to set up this website offering FREE advice! Living in the UK we are so lucky to have so many amazing choices for food at our fingertips and this is certainly true for detox deliveries too. There is now a very impressive array of detox options all of which can be delivered to your work or home – you don’t have to do anything – just enjoy it! The best part is that ‘which detox?’ is a FREE service, so take advantage of our bespoke advice for you today and enquire about which detox delivery plan is the best option for you.


skin detox

So much of our health is written in our skin and clearer skin is often a big motivation for cleaning up ones diet. We spoke to skin expert and facialist Abigail James about maximising the benefits of your detox with the right treatments.

Abigail’s treatments are available in London and Internationally
What is the best skin treatment to have during a detox?
The right facial during a detox is actually essential and probably not considered. My number one recommendation would be lymphatic drainage. Lymphatic drainage both manual and vacuum suction is going to aid in reducing facial puffiness, bring fresh nutrients to the skin and brighten the skin but fundamentally it is going to have a whole body health effect. Lymphatic therapy is a bit like a traffic jam if you move lymph in one are it results in the free flow of lymph in all other areas so this is really going to aid in your full body detoxification process.

What is the best time to schedule a skin treatment when on a detox programme (before and after?)

Ideally one at the beginning, lymphatic based, one in the middle a little more decongesting and one at the end, hydrating and brightening to build on the fresh state the body is now in. If only one is possible I would go for day 3 this is usually “crash” day on a detox and a good skin perk up is going to do the world of good physically and emotionally.

Possible ways to prevent skin breakouts during a detox?

The idea is actually not prevent, this is part of the detoxification we need the body to eliminate, this is where the facial on “crash” day will help and also the middle facial which was more decongesting. Other than this go makeup free this is going to help prevent blocked pores and use a toner such as Dr Alkaitis replenishing serum, or Avene thermal water spray.

Going on holiday and want to cleanse?

Going to your favourite holiday destination and want to detox whilst you are there? No problem. Many of the companies we recommend deliver throughout Europe so you can have a juice cleanse delivered direct to your holiday destination! Holidays are a great time to detox as the body is in rest and relax mode so more energy can be directed to the cleanse process. Remember if you have any questions at all we are always happy to help. Happy holidays and happy detoxing!

Don’t be left out in the cold

With the Christmas season upon us now is the perfect time to feel your best. Detoxing isn’t just about eating or drinking cold food. So if thought of no warm food in the chilly months is leaving you feeling cold about detox, we are here to change your mind. Many of the companies we work with have detox programmes that incorporate some warm food to get you through winter feeling clean, lean and well, warm!

Soups are a simple solution. Unlike many supermarket soups that contain preservatives and artificial nasties detox delivery companies can provide you with soups and broths that are going to super nourish you and fast track your detox. When on the menu nut milks can be gently warmed and some plans even include uber healthy dinner options that can be gently heated so as to still maintain maximum goodness.

For free unbiased advice on the right plan for you click here. Happy detoxing!

some like it hot!

If the weather outside is leaving you feel cold why not perk yourself up with a detox tea? They are perfect way to keep you warm during winter. Drinking herbal tea is a great to habit to get into – especially when everyone else is on their 4 or 5th coffee. Find your perfect detox plan with us then warm up your day with our suggestions below.

Check out the detox tea range from teapigs. They stock a variety of teas that not only taste good but do good things for your body too! With so many teas to try here’s an example of how best to incorporate detox teas into your daily routine.

Lemon and Ginger: perfect first thing in the morning

Peppermint: perfect after lunch digestive tea

Liquorice and mint: a lovely mid afternoon tea to curb sugar cravings

Chamomile: relaxing to send you off on good night’s sleep

If you can’t decide there is an option of buying the cheeky detox pack which provides a selection of 5 detox teas for you to try. For 15% off your order use the code BLOGGERS12 at the checkout.

yummy mummy

The right detox or cleanse can do wonders for wellbeing. With benefits such as improved energy and helping to re-balance hormones, a cleanse can be especially helpful before or after having a baby. It’s ironic that when you are most in need of a cleanse you are often short on time and energy. Of course that is why Which Detox? is here – to help you find the best time saving detox delivery option when you need it most. For free advice just get in contact with us. See more on our interview with the baba blog click here


The time is NOW!

Spring is an amazing time to cleanse on so many levels. Here’s three reasons to inspire you:

1. According to Chinese medicine the period 10 days before and 10 days after the Spring Equinox (March 22nd) is the most ideal time. Even if you can’t manage a full detox during this period, cleansing on the day of the equinox is thought to be very beneficial.

2. As the weather becomes more mild your body naturally wants to move away from heavy warm foods, to lighter foods and juices.

3. Get in shape for summer. As the seasons change and clothes become lighter you want to look your healthy glowing best.

Get in touch here and I can help organise the perfect detox for you.

new year, new you?

There is no better way to hit the ‘re-set’ button on your body than a detox.Whether you want more energy, better mental clarity, to beat your sugar addiction, improve your skin or lose weight – detox can help.

Detox delivery plans make the process so simple for you so you can concentrate on your self and not be fussing around preparing meals. If you are unsure which detox is right for you remember we are here offering free help to advice you!

Just visit the Let’s Get Started! page and we’ll send personalised advice straight to your inbox.

Happy New You!


Our Nutritionist in ELLE magazine

In this months ELLE Suzanne Scott discusses The Truth About Carbohydrates with our nutritionist Belinda Mann.

After the popularity of high protein diets carbs are making a return to our diets. The ‘right’ carbohydrates play a very important role in our diet adding fibre, alkalising the body and supplying us with important nutrients and minerals. These include vegetables, fruits and complex carbs like brown rice. Refined carbs rob the body of minerals, nutrients and energy, so still keep them on the shelf.

One of the common aspects of any detox diet is a lower level of protein and a big increase in fruit and vegetables. If you want to know which detox is right for you ask us. We also provide new detox options for those on a budget. And if you need help after you detox our nutritionist Belinda Mann offers health coaching sessions to match a healthy eating plan to you and your lifestyle.



The January 2013 edition of ELLE is on sale from December 5th.


The ins & outs of detox

One way in, four ways out. Yep take a moment to consider. The mouth is the only way to ingest food, and but the body has four ways to excrete.  1. Defecate, 2. Urinate, 3. Transpiration through skin, the presence of spots, rash and irritations in the skin can be a sign of bad digestion, 4. Breath, which through poor digestion you can have the symptom of bad breath

The fact that there are so many ways for the body to excrete highlights the importance for the removal and wastes from our body. The body is capable of fasting for 40 days (average of course depends on the person!), but without excretion the body is likely to be slowly poisoned in a much shorter period of time.

A lot of stored toxins are liberated during a cleanse, the most important factor is that they leave your body in a timely manner. Make sure all the channels of elimination are in good working order!
A helpful tip is to start dry skin brushing. See the YouTube clip from our nutritionist Belinda Mann on how to do this. If you need a dry skin brush Nutri Centre is a great online resource that offers free UK delivery.
We will be posting more tips on elimination to improve the results of your detox. If you are stuck about which detox to try ask us!

now is the time to schedule in some health

Schedule in a health day or three this December and stay ahead of the pack looking fresh faced and full of energy. Just like the good intention of getting all your christmas shopping done early the promise to stay healthy can be tough, especially when short on time and long on socialising.

We all know the onslaught of pre-christmas parties can take it’s toll if you are not careful. Alcohol, party food, little sleep – and just when you want to look your best! Make this year different and schedule in some health days. Many of our companies offer one or two day cleanses delivering healthy rejuvenating juice or food to your home or office just when you need it most.

Trust us you will be so glad you organised this when you’ve overdone it on the mince pies and no doubt will be the envy of everyone you meet. Contact us to find the perfect pick me up plan for you.