Health Coaching

Need help after your detox?

Although most people feel amazing after a detox, many feel lost with how to make the necessary tweaks to their day to day eating habits. It’s common for people to either go back to their old way of eating, or make drastic changes that are hard to maintain. A health coach may be just what you need. Just like personal trainer works you to do your best, a health coach can help you review your goals, and identify your problem areas and find solutions to them.

Our nutritionist Belinda works with clients existing diets making the necessary tweaks to align the diet with the clients needs.

make eating healthy more simple, not more complicated with Belinda Mann

Belinda’s approach is to work with clients on a very personal level, taking into consideration their lifestyle, such as occupation, socialising, which supermarkets you purchase from and if you like cooking or not. Having lived in London for many years whilst studying for her nutrition qualification and working full time at an investment bank she understands how crucial it is to implement changes that make your life more simple, not more complicated.

Health coaching sessions are via Skype at a time to suit you. For more information email us at or check out Belinda’s website www.




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