detox prep

Want to get the most out of your detox? Then putting in good preparation is key. Cleaning up your diet is an obvious one, but there are other therapies that can help ‘prime’ your body for the detox process. Take for example Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) a gentle rhythmic massage designed to stimulate the lymphatic vessels and encourage the flow of lymph fluids, and has the beneficial effect of removing toxins and excess water from the body’s tissues.We spoke to Nina Thorstensson from KX Spas to find out more about how MLD can improve the detox process.

How is MLD carried out? “It’s  a ‘light touch’ manual treatment which normally covers the whole body during one hour”

How can MLD help the detox process? “The MLD treatment is very beneficial during the detox process because it increases the body’s removal of waste products, toxins and excess fluids. It also has a relaxing effect on the nervous system and therefore promotes digestion, and improves constipation. It also helps to reduce general inflammation and improves ones immune system as it helps to distribute the lymphocytes (defence cells)”

When is the best time to come in for a treatment? “Clients should come for MLD during and after the detox process but it would also be beneficial to start with some treatments before as this will most likely make you feel better if your system is ‘up&running’ more efficiently before you start the detox.

Bookings can be made at KX-Spa by calling directly on 020 7581 7250


KX – Life 151 Draycott Avenue, Chelsea, London SW3 3AL

rescue me!

We’re sharing one of our BEST secrets with you here when it comes to getting through a detox. How many times has a bout of stress ruined your attempts at healthy eating. The stress response sets of biochemical reactions in the body that ultimately cause cravings for sugar or salt. Keeping calm is key to getting through a detox. But sometimes that is easier said than done. Enter my saviour – Rescue Remedy by Bach. This nifty little bottle is perfect to carry in your handbag at all times. If you feel stress rising, or a like you are about to die if you don’t have a haribo/coffee/chocolate/crisps right now – reach for this!

You can buy in many health food stores, or even better get it the stress free way by buying online from Nutri Centre who offer free UK delivery. 

Our Nutritionist in ELLE magazine

In this months ELLE Suzanne Scott discusses The Truth About Carbohydrates with our nutritionist Belinda Mann.

After the popularity of high protein diets carbs are making a return to our diets. The ‘right’ carbohydrates play a very important role in our diet adding fibre, alkalising the body and supplying us with important nutrients and minerals. These include vegetables, fruits and complex carbs like brown rice. Refined carbs rob the body of minerals, nutrients and energy, so still keep them on the shelf.

One of the common aspects of any detox diet is a lower level of protein and a big increase in fruit and vegetables. If you want to know which detox is right for you ask us. We also provide new detox options for those on a budget. And if you need help after you detox our nutritionist Belinda Mann offers health coaching sessions to match a healthy eating plan to you and your lifestyle.



The January 2013 edition of ELLE is on sale from December 5th.


energise yourself with matcha

Need more energy in your day, but giving up coffee. Then matcha green tea is your new best friend. Originally from Japan matcha is a super concentrated, supercharged form of green tea with an impressive list of benefits including giving your energy levels a serious boost.

High in antioxidants, energising whilst being calming and an aid for weight loss, matcha packs a real punch! It does contain very low levels of caffeine naturally but this is balanced out by the rest of the nutrition profile to give you a more sustained energy boost.  If you are a coffee drinker, take matcha in the preparation stage before your detox as a caffeine substitute.

Matcha is perfect to help boost your energy levels in the run up to Christmas and then embark on a detox in the new year.

teapigs sell high quality matcha and are a great resource for how you can use matcha in your day (not just as a hot drink!).


The ins & outs of detox

One way in, four ways out. Yep take a moment to consider. The mouth is the only way to ingest food, and but the body has four ways to excrete.  1. Defecate, 2. Urinate, 3. Transpiration through skin, the presence of spots, rash and irritations in the skin can be a sign of bad digestion, 4. Breath, which through poor digestion you can have the symptom of bad breath

The fact that there are so many ways for the body to excrete highlights the importance for the removal and wastes from our body. The body is capable of fasting for 40 days (average of course depends on the person!), but without excretion the body is likely to be slowly poisoned in a much shorter period of time.

A lot of stored toxins are liberated during a cleanse, the most important factor is that they leave your body in a timely manner. Make sure all the channels of elimination are in good working order!
A helpful tip is to start dry skin brushing. See the YouTube clip from our nutritionist Belinda Mann on how to do this. If you need a dry skin brush Nutri Centre is a great online resource that offers free UK delivery.
We will be posting more tips on elimination to improve the results of your detox. If you are stuck about which detox to try ask us!

Back to balance

Detoxing has been used since ancient times as a way to bring the body back into balance. Long before pollution and pesticides detoxing was used to help cleanse the body from natural metabolic by-products, old hormones and to allow the digestive system time to repair. It was also used to help clear the mind and help let go of emotions and tensions in the body.

A holistic approach to health is important and there are many complementary therapies that can help let go of tension in the body, especially when it comes to back health. One such therapy is Atlas Realignment. The Atlas (named after the mythological giant who carried the world on his shoulders) is thought to be misaligned in a staggering 90% of humans. This can manifest as back pain, chronic fatigue, neck pain, headaches and migraines.

Like detoxing, Atlas Realignment is a technique that is not new but experiencing a resurgence in popularity. The Mayan and Egyptian cultures practiced manual positioning of “The Atlas” which is the first cervical vertebra located directly beneath the skull.

The Atlas Clinic located in London’s Harley Street is run by Michael Voigts, an osteopath with over 25 years of experience and the only osteopath in the UK qualified to practice The AtlasPROFilax® method.

“While sufferers of back and neck pain resign themselves to repeat visits to osteopaths and chiropractors to treat a myriad of complaints associated with spinal health, The AtlasPROFilax® method delivers a restorative healing to the patient in one application (one further appointment to assess the reposition of the atlas bone is essential). Once realignment of the atlas is accomplished (immediately following the application) dramatic changes can occur physically and emotionally and patients are guided through the likelihood of what to expect. Typical reactions are varied and include a relief of neck and back pain, boosted immune system, increased peripheral vision and sharpened senses, correction of leg length discrepancy, re-balance of the pelvis, freedom from tension and headaches and a heightened sense of euphoria.”

“What’s exciting is the feedback we are receiving from a wide range of clients, all commenting positively on the application and the effect(s) it has had on their lives – these clients range from ballerinas to doctors, footballers and athletes, yoga and pilate teachers to city traders, high court judges and 9 year old children”.

To find out more about how Atlas Realignment can help you get back into balance contact Michael Voigts at the Altas Clinic –



now is the time to schedule in some health

Schedule in a health day or three this December and stay ahead of the pack looking fresh faced and full of energy. Just like the good intention of getting all your christmas shopping done early the promise to stay healthy can be tough, especially when short on time and long on socialising.

We all know the onslaught of pre-christmas parties can take it’s toll if you are not careful. Alcohol, party food, little sleep – and just when you want to look your best! Make this year different and schedule in some health days. Many of our companies offer one or two day cleanses delivering healthy rejuvenating juice or food to your home or office just when you need it most.

Trust us you will be so glad you organised this when you’ve overdone it on the mince pies and no doubt will be the envy of everyone you meet. Contact us to find the perfect pick me up plan for you.



liquid lunch

What do Citigroup, Merrill Lynch, Ralph Lauren, Shape magazine, and Oprah Winfrey’s entire production crew all have in common? They’ve realised the powerful health benefits of group office detoxes as revealed in this recent NY Times article.

The term ‘liquid lunch’ in the corporate world has a whole new meaning now. Say goodbye to the days of coma inducing lunches and afternoons of krispy kremes adding to your waistline and creating brain fog. Feel fresh invigorated and inspired and build team spirit through a corporate group cleanse.

Start a health revolution in your work place. Many detox companies offer great packages for group cleanses. Get in touch with me at to find out the best detox option to suit your office team.

the healing power of intermittent fasting

The idea behind calorie restriction and fasting is not new in medicine but modern pharmaceuticals may like to protray it as a ‘recent fad’. Science is going ‘back to the future’ in rediscovering the power of intermittent fasting as seen in recent documentaries like the BBC’s Eat, Fast and Live Longer.

Methods of fasting have been used  help the body heal and repair for thousands of years. Think even about how our bodies have evolved from hunter gather society – we were designed with feast/famine in mind.

Initially you might think denying oneself of food might have the oppostie effect to healing. However every time we eat food causes the body to go into a state of low level inflammation. Chronic inflammation is the root cause of many diseases in the body. Additionally the energy liberated from the digestive process allows the body to go into a deep healing mode. When we are constantly eating the body has no time to repair.

Headaches, poor digestion, allergies, weight issues, anxiety and pain can all be attributed to the body not having time to detox and repair.

There are lots of options to give your body a break. Whilst juice fasting gives more rapid effects it can be a shock for some peoples body, other methods of healthy calorie restricted eating can provide the same benefits they just need to be adhered to for longer periods of time. Ask me to find out the best method for you.

It’s essential though that your diet between calorie restriction/fasting periods is highly nutritious. The body must have a good stock of nutrients to help with the healing process. This is where maintenance programs are just as important as the fast itself. That’s why I’ve included companies in my detox portfolio that offer healthy eating programs outside of your detox should you require their service.

We are often short of time and money – but what better investment is there than in your own health. It’s not just about adding years to your life – it’s about adding quality healthy productive years to your life. To get on the path to health start here!

chew your juice, and drink your food

Yes! You read it right! Detoxing is about giving your digestive system a break.  No matter which type of detox plan you end up doing the way you eat/drink is just as important. It’s the perfect time to re-set your eating habits – learning to take time over food.

So chewing your juice means you savour each sip and swish it around your mouth before swallowing. Drinking your food might not sound so obvious at first, but it means chewing until the food becomes liquid and you naturally start to swallow it. It might sound strange at first, but it’s much nicer than undigested food in your intestines!

One good reason to take on this motto is that you will feel MUCH more satisfied compared to just downing you juice in one hit. Also digestion begins in the mouth with enzymes found in saliva – so this maximises the digestive process and absorption of the amazing healthy food your are giving your body.

So during your detox learn to savour your food. You’ll be surprised by how satisfied you feel when you take your time. Drop me an email to find out more about which detox is right for you.

unlock your infinite potential!

So you’ve decided it’s time to detox – how exciting. I bet you’re looking forward to all the benefits that come from detox such as feeling lighter, having clearer skin and shiny eyes. As well as looking better on the outside a detox can also clear away ‘mental toxins’  that have built up over time. If you’ve been ‘stuck in a rut’ this mental clarity can allow you to see how you can get the most of your life. The right detox plan helps unlock your true potential and increases your vitality in every sense of the word.  Get in touch so I can help find the perfect detox solution for you.


Confused about detox?

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one! As a nutritionist so many clients asking me about which detox delivery plan would suit them best I was inspired to set up this website offering FREE advice.

Living in the UK we are so lucky to have so many amazing choices at our fingertips and this is certainly true for detox deliveries too. There is now a very impressive array of detox options all of which can be delivered to your work or home – you don’t have to do anything – just enjoy it!

As wonderful as this is sometimes too many choices can be overwhelming. It’s tough trying to research all the different options and then work our which one is right for you. You almost have to be a nutritionist! Which is why I’m here for you! I’m a glow-getting nutritionist who is mad about detox. I consult on and review detox retreats around the world, so you can trust my advise to point you in the right direction.

Oh, just quickly a word for the boys. Think detox is for girls  – think again! I know you guys want a flatter stomach, clearer skin, brighter eyes, increased mental clarity just as much as the rest of us! A lot of guys get worried about losing muscle weight but remember there are lots of options out there, including healthy eating plans designed for those still exercising a lot.

So relax. You’ve come to the right place! So don’t be shy get in contact with me and I can show you the way…Click here to start!


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