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A New Holistic Detox That’s Perfectly Tailored To YOU!

The Detox Program You’ve Been Waiting For!

When I studied nutrition and detox I wish I knew about Deanna Minich and her programs. She’s been a leader in holistic detox for years through her company Food & Spirit.

In fact, I wanted to put together a detox program that incorporated body, mind and spirit and then I saw Deanna’s and realised that she’d already done the work.

She’s just launched I new program Whole Detox that I wanted to share with you.

When you think of a detox program, one of the first things you think of is probably an elimination diet, or foods you will have to avoid. Or maybe you think of drinking lemon juice and fasting. You might also connect the detox dots to taking supplements to help your liver or your gut work better to get rid of toxins. Of course, all of these examples are ways that detox has been done!

However, Whole Detox™ is a full-spectrum approach to removing all toxic barriers to your health – not just the food ones. We start with what you eat by giving you a list of foods to select from that are non-allergenic, non-sensitizing kinds of foods for most people. You can select the omnivore or the vegetarian track of menus and recipes. Within the recipes, we intentionally incorporate lots of colorful, whole foods rich in phytonutrients. We do not use any supplements as part of the program, as we believe your practitioner would be best to work with you on those items specifically.

So, unlike most detox programs, we don’t just emphasize what you need to remove and avoid, but make sure you bring in the foods that help you thrive and be nourished!

In addition to food, we look at the other toxic barriers – stuck emotions, unsupportive relationships, negative thoughts, lack of movement and flow, inability to speak one’s truth, poor sleep and brain fog, and feeling disconnected and depressed.

To address these toxic barriers, we bring in other modalities separate from food, like an emotion log to help you track emotions, activities to re-pattern your thoughts, gentle movement, inspiring affirmations, guided visualizations, and suggestions for meditation.

It’s a full-service menu of options to address your personal toxins, whatever they may be!

To address these toxic barriers, we bring in other modalities separate from food, like an emotion log to help you track emotions, activities to re-pattern your thoughts, gentle movement, inspiring affirmations, guided visualizations, and suggestions for meditation.

It’s a full-service menu of options to address your personal toxins, whatever they may be!

Some people have done many food detoxes, but they haven’t connected their food with the larger picture of their lifestyle: their emotions, thoughts, relationships, and how they move, speak, and connect in the world.

Whole Detox™ looks through the larger lens of YOU to make the detox experience personalized so you are optimal and healthy in every way!

Next Program Starts in March! Note that this program WILL REQUIRE PURCHASE OF THE WHOLE DETOX BOOK!


March 17-20: Preparation
March 21-April 10: 21-Day Detox Program
April 11-18: Maintenance


If you haven’t experienced Whole Detox, it’s truly a different detox – one that nourishes rather than depletes you, and focuses on colorful food and living a colorful life!


  • 10 Live Webinars
  • Daily Meal Plans and Shopping Lists*
  • Recipes for Omnivores and Vegans*
  • Whole Detox Workbook*
  • Daily Movements*
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Program Emails
  • and more!

*Please note that all program materials can be found in Dr. Minich’s book, Whole Detox, which is required for the program. Purchase your copy here

HOW IS IT DIFFERENT THAN OTHER DETOXES?  Whole Detox is more than just eliminating foods and giving you a meal plan.Of course, we do that, too, with separate tracks for Paleo and vegetarian eating. We also give you other detox daily modalities and tools to try out. For example, we have ways for you to work with emotional and mental toxicities, too!  

 WHAT IF YOU ARE TOO BUSY? This detox was made for busy people – professionals, moms, and those who simply ‘have a lot going on’! You can still participate even in the midst of a flurry of life events (like weddings, vacations, etc.). All webinars are recorded so you can listen to them later.

Sounds great doesn’t it!

You can sign up HERE*

I’m a proud affiliate of this program and whole heartedly love the approach the Deanna uses!!

Get a green mo this Movember

During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces in the UK and around the world. The aim of which is to raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

Although a great idea to raise awareness, I can’t think of a better way to improve mens health (or womens) than a green juice. So if you want make a difference be the change you want to see in the world and join the new health paradigm of food as thy medicine.

Get a green juice ‘mo’ on your face with one of the great juice detoxes that which detox? can recommend for you. Click here for your personal detox recommendation.

Mo Bros and Mo Sistas we’d love any pictures of you sporting a Green Mo!

Happy Movember!


Jess Ainscough “wellness warrior” sporting her green mo

rescue me!

We’re sharing one of our BEST secrets with you here when it comes to getting through a detox. How many times has a bout of stress ruined your attempts at healthy eating. The stress response sets of biochemical reactions in the body that ultimately cause cravings for sugar or salt. Keeping calm is key to getting through a detox. But sometimes that is easier said than done. Enter my saviour – Rescue Remedy by Bach. This nifty little bottle is perfect to carry in your handbag at all times. If you feel stress rising, or a like you are about to die if you don’t have a haribo/coffee/chocolate/crisps right now – reach for this!

You can buy in many health food stores, or even better get it the stress free way by buying online from Nutri Centre who offer free UK delivery. 

energise yourself with matcha

Need more energy in your day, but giving up coffee. Then matcha green tea is your new best friend. Originally from Japan matcha is a super concentrated, supercharged form of green tea with an impressive list of benefits including giving your energy levels a serious boost.

High in antioxidants, energising whilst being calming and an aid for weight loss, matcha packs a real punch! It does contain very low levels of caffeine naturally but this is balanced out by the rest of the nutrition profile to give you a more sustained energy boost.  If you are a coffee drinker, take matcha in the preparation stage before your detox as a caffeine substitute.

Matcha is perfect to help boost your energy levels in the run up to Christmas and then embark on a detox in the new year.

teapigs sell high quality matcha and are a great resource for how you can use matcha in your day (not just as a hot drink!).



Confused about detox?

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one! As a nutritionist so many clients asking me about which detox delivery plan would suit them best I was inspired to set up this website offering FREE advice.

Living in the UK we are so lucky to have so many amazing choices at our fingertips and this is certainly true for detox deliveries too. There is now a very impressive array of detox options all of which can be delivered to your work or home – you don’t have to do anything – just enjoy it!

As wonderful as this is sometimes too many choices can be overwhelming. It’s tough trying to research all the different options and then work our which one is right for you. You almost have to be a nutritionist! Which is why I’m here for you! I’m a glow-getting nutritionist who is mad about detox. I consult on and review detox retreats around the world, so you can trust my advise to point you in the right direction.

Oh, just quickly a word for the boys. Think detox is for girls  – think again! I know you guys want a flatter stomach, clearer skin, brighter eyes, increased mental clarity just as much as the rest of us! A lot of guys get worried about losing muscle weight but remember there are lots of options out there, including healthy eating plans designed for those still exercising a lot.

So relax. You’ve come to the right place! So don’t be shy get in contact with me and I can show you the way…Click here to start!


Detox for health

Detox is really about hitting the reset button in the body.

The liver is one of the key organs in the body. It has so many tasks if it’s not healthy then it cannot perform all these tasks efficiently, leaving us feeling tired, prone to weight gain, and hormonal balances.

The  liver is responsible for controlling blood sugar levels, synthesising cholesterol, blood cleansing, immune function, and detoxification of chemicals such as waste products of metabolism and breakdown of old hormones!

When the liver is overworked – it stores toxins in fat cells which are a ‘safe’ place where the toxins don’t harm the body, resulting in cellulite. Only when the liver is functioning optimally will it have time to work through all these stored toxins. Sometimes people can’t lose weight because the body is too toxic and holding on to the fat cells as a way to protect itself from toxins.

Detoxification is a way to give the body a break and allow the liver and other parts of our digestive system to “catch up”.  In this cleaner state the body functions more efficiently and as such many clients feel energised, have better skin, notice an improvement in mood and their weight normalises.

Maintenance eating after a detox will really help extend the benefits and increase your health. Think to eat ‘clean’ food free of toxins as this is going to lessen the load on your liver – fill your diet with lots of organic fruit and vegetables.  Hydration is also key, so consider introducing more fluids such as water, herbal tea and coconut water into your day and eliminating dehydrating and toxin forming items such as alcohol, coffee, fried and salty foods.