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So much of our health is written in our skin and clearer skin is often a big motivation for cleaning up ones diet. We spoke to skin expert and facialist Abigail James about maximising the benefits of your detox with the right treatments.

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What is the best skin treatment to have during a detox?
The right facial during a detox is actually essential and probably not considered. My number one recommendation would be lymphatic drainage. Lymphatic drainage both manual and vacuum suction is going to aid in reducing facial puffiness, bring fresh nutrients to the skin and brighten the skin but fundamentally it is going to have a whole body health effect. Lymphatic therapy is a bit like a traffic jam if you move lymph in one are it results in the free flow of lymph in all other areas so this is really going to aid in your full body detoxification process.

What is the best time to schedule a skin treatment when on a detox programme (before and after?)

Ideally one at the beginning, lymphatic based, one in the middle a little more decongesting and one at the end, hydrating and brightening to build on the fresh state the body is now in. If only one is possible I would go for day 3 this is usually “crash” day on a detox and a good skin perk up is going to do the world of good physically and emotionally.

Possible ways to prevent skin breakouts during a detox?

The idea is actually not prevent, this is part of the detoxification we need the body to eliminate, this is where the facial on “crash” day will help and also the middle facial which was more decongesting. Other than this go makeup free this is going to help prevent blocked pores and use a toner such as Dr Alkaitis replenishing serum, or Avene thermal water spray.