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rescue me!

We’re sharing one of our BEST secrets with you here when it comes to getting through a detox. How many times has a bout of stress ruined your attempts at healthy eating. The stress response sets of biochemical reactions in the body that ultimately cause cravings for sugar or salt. Keeping calm is key to getting through a detox. But sometimes that is easier said than done. Enter my saviour – Rescue Remedy by Bach. This nifty little bottle is perfect to carry in your handbag at all times. If you feel stress rising, or a like you are about to die if you don’t have a haribo/coffee/chocolate/crisps right now – reach for this!

You can buy in many health food stores, or even better get it the stress free way by buying online from Nutri Centre who offer free UK delivery. 

Back to balance

Detoxing has been used since ancient times as a way to bring the body back into balance. Long before pollution and pesticides detoxing was used to help cleanse the body from natural metabolic by-products, old hormones and to allow the digestive system time to repair. It was also used to help clear the mind and help let go of emotions and tensions in the body.

A holistic approach to health is important and there are many complementary therapies that can help let go of tension in the body, especially when it comes to back health. One such therapy is Atlas Realignment. The Atlas (named after the mythological giant who carried the world on his shoulders) is thought to be misaligned in a staggering 90% of humans. This can manifest as back pain, chronic fatigue, neck pain, headaches and migraines.

Like detoxing, Atlas Realignment is a technique that is not new but experiencing a resurgence in popularity. The Mayan and Egyptian cultures practiced manual positioning of “The Atlas” which is the first cervical vertebra located directly beneath the skull.

The Atlas Clinic located in London’s Harley Street is run by Michael Voigts, an osteopath with over 25 years of experience and the only osteopath in the UK qualified to practice The AtlasPROFilax® method.

“While sufferers of back and neck pain resign themselves to repeat visits to osteopaths and chiropractors to treat a myriad of complaints associated with spinal health, The AtlasPROFilax® method delivers a restorative healing to the patient in one application (one further appointment to assess the reposition of the atlas bone is essential). Once realignment of the atlas is accomplished (immediately following the application) dramatic changes can occur physically and emotionally and patients are guided through the likelihood of what to expect. Typical reactions are varied and include a relief of neck and back pain, boosted immune system, increased peripheral vision and sharpened senses, correction of leg length discrepancy, re-balance of the pelvis, freedom from tension and headaches and a heightened sense of euphoria.”

“What’s exciting is the feedback we are receiving from a wide range of clients, all commenting positively on the application and the effect(s) it has had on their lives – these clients range from ballerinas to doctors, footballers and athletes, yoga and pilate teachers to city traders, high court judges and 9 year old children”.

To find out more about how Atlas Realignment can help you get back into balance contact Michael Voigts at the Altas Clinic – www.theatlasclinic.com