which detox?

Which detox is right for you? 

When it comes to food one persons detox is another persons ‘bad day’. We all have different diets and different requirements that’s why getting advice about detox is important. A detox plan is a big commitment in time and money so make sure you are getting the most out of it. You may be dying to do a juice cleanse, but is your body ready?  Would you benefit from a cleansing diet first then progress to raw food or a juice fast? I can advise you.

If you are already living the healthy life and are ready to juice fast but don’t have the time to check out all the different options I help you decide what the best choice for you is. Click here to get started.


Types of detox

You may or may not be surprised to hear that there are many different methods to detox the body. Here I’m just going to focus on the ones you can have delivered to you here in London.

Juice Fast

On this type of program you drink just juice – no solid food. This really gives the digestive system a break. As much as 70% of our daily energy expendure goes on digesting food. By ingesting nutrient rich liquids such as juices, the minerals and vitamins are easily absorbed in the intestines.

This type of cleanse offers rapid results, but can also come with more side effects due the intense detox effect (headaches and lethargy are common). As such this type of detox is better if you have detoxed before or already have quite a ‘clean’ diet. Preparation is key, you may even want to stay at home to rest on the first day or two.

Juice and raw food

This diet incorporates juices as well as raw food meals. Because you eat ‘whole food’ the digestive system is still working and so the overall detox is a little slower. The benefits are still amazing, and many people thrive off eating a raw food diet all the time. This can be great if you haven’t detoxed before and are still working.

Clean diet (some cooked food)

Cleanses are gaining popularity now too. This is following a healthy eating plan over a longer period of time. Cleanses cut out foods such as wheat and dairy, with a focus on vegetables, fruit, gluten-free grains, healthy fats and lean sources of protein. These programs are designed to be followed over a few weeks. If you’re diet hasn’t been squeaky clean a cleanse is a great way to ease your body into the detox process. You’ll still see amazing results and might like to try a raw food or juice detox afterwards.


After the detox – maintenance programs

Did you know many companies also offer a maintenance program? You can juice fast or detox one day a week. Or have meals delivered for a couple of days on a regular basis (such as the start of the week when you’re less likely to be out socialising and don’t feel like cooking). Click here to find out more.

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