why detox?

Detoxing is about giving our body a break, it allows for deep healing and repair, and ‘resets’ the body.

Far from being a modern fad, the philosophy of detoxification began thousands of years ago. In Ayurveda detox was an important part of health routines for emotional and physical cleansing. It’s not just about food either. Emotions also have a toxic effect on the body and if not dealt with can be stored. Detoxification is about breaking from the routine of daily life to allow time for the emotional and dietary toxins to be processed.

No matter how healthy your diet the body still needs time to cleanse and repair.  Think for a moment how much work the different organs in our body do daily. For example the liver is responsible for controlling blood sugar levels, synthesising cholesterol, blood cleansing, immune function, and detoxification of chemicals such as waste products of metabolism and breakdown of old hormones! Detoxification is a way to give the body a break and allow the liver and other parts of our digestive system to “catch up”.  In this cleaner state the body functions more efficiently.

What’s your motivation to detox:

  • Do you have a particular health concern to improve?
  • Do you want to control sugar cravings?
  • Do you want to balance your hormones?
  • Get to grips with digestive issues?
  • Help improve a chronic health problem?
  • Get your glow back?
  • Do you want to take control of your life and realise your infinite potential?

Detox can help with all of the above. If  you have a specific goal it best to find a plan that will best help you work towards achieving your health goal.

There are many types of detox plans ranging from juice fasting to raw food to cooked Ayurvedic food and many combinations in between. Some allow detoxification faster than others, and its important to factor in individual biochemical differences in people as well as lifestyle.

I am here to advise you which one of the many detox delivery programs in London would be best suited to to you. Fill out the contact sheet to get started.

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